Brooke is the owner of Tech Savvy, the only women owned and operated computer repair business in the pacific northwest.

Shelley is a U of I graduate whose passion is inspiring girls to choose careers in the sciences. She has taught for years in inquiry based learning environments. 

Jordan is a BSU graduate whose passion is STEM education. She has spent time in classrooms and in several hands on science centers. 

Our Vision: 

Our vision is to create a safe, collaborative culture to open minds to the tangibility of higher level career  possibilities through the impact of positive female role models. We believe the significance of our stories, hands on activities and use of inquiry based learning will enrich Idaho's education system and create a more scientifically active community. 

Our Mission: 

Our mission is to provide hands on learning workshops and outreaches to empower Idahoans, particularly females,  with the awareness that science related careers are attainable.